Resolution Fellows

  • Naveed Ahmed

    Naveed Ahmed , Tigers Giving Back

    Naveed Ahmed is a recent University of the Pacific Graduate. Naveed is a Native to his local community Stockton, CA where he works at the Boys and Girls Club as a youth counselor. His mission is to promote higher education and advocate for the unprivileged youth in his community. With Stockton being America’s most dangerous city, Naveed is dedicated to implement positive sustainable youth orientated programs to create a safer environment for the local youth in the Stockton community. As the co founder of TGB “Tigers Giving Back” Naveed envisions a positive change among the youth in his community.

  • Vidit Aatrey

    Vidit Aatrey, Pledge

    Vidit Aatrey is an electrical engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has recently joined ITC Limited as a Management Trainee. In college, he was actively involved in community building activities including teaching unprivileged students in NGOs, which finally led to the idea of 'Pledge'. He is a keen debater and avid reader. He also has interests in Psychology, where he has published papers in national journals. He is grateful for the support of his project partner, Prashant Kumar, and The Resolution Project for this opportunity to contribute to the society. He says “ In a country with high percentage of youth, channeling their talents in the right direction is a must for country’s progress. Pledge tries to provide that channel to the underprivileged youth, who have been consistently neglected otherwise.”

  • Rahmah Aderinoye

    Rahmah Aderinoye, Youth for Intellectual Interaction Initiative

    Rahmah Aderinoye is from Osun State, Nigeria, and is currently studying Biology at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is passionate about creating the positive change she wants to see, which is why she founded Youth for Intellectual Interaction Initiative, a Venture aimed at alleviating extreme poverty and hunger among Nigeria's youth. Rahmah is also engaged in volunteer work with UNICEF USA, the American Heart Association, and is a member of Global Changemakers. She is proud to be a Resolution Fellow and is excited to continue her project.

  • Anne Martine Augustin

    Anne Martine Augustin, Haiti Task Force

    Anne Martine Augustin was born and raised in Haiti. Even though she has lived almost all her life there, Anne Martine has an open mind and has learned a lot about the rest of the world. An avid reader and aware of the benefits of education, she has devoted a lot of time to improving her education. In 2009, she received a merit- and need-based scholarship with the Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP), the largest university scholarship program in Haiti. She is currently a fifth year student in electronic engineering at the State University. Life is not only about one’s education. Anne Martine knows that. In 2011, she attended the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) at Doha, Qatar and worked throughout 2012, on a research project on the theme “Professional Development in Education” for a publication of Learners’ Voice Program of WISE. She also attended the 11th Youth Assembly at the United Nations where she co-founded the group initiative “Haiti Task Force” that won a Resolution Project Fellowship. Dynamic and responsible, Anne Martine is also the general coordinator of Action Toward Initiatives and Volunteering for Education (ACTIVE). ACTIVE is implementing the project “Learners for Haiti” which develops a summer-internship program for Haitian students.

  • Shanthakumar Bannirchelvam

    Shanthakumar Bannirchelvam, Global Health Solutions

    Shanthakumar Bannirchelvam is currently a Bachelor of Laws (LLB)/Bachelor of Economics (B. Econ) candidate at the University of Sydney, Australia. Shan was inspired by Resolution Fellow Shaan Gandhi's Health2Home venture and used Shaan's work in Uganda as a model for his Global Health Solutions proposal at the Resolution Project’s 2011 Social Venture Challenge in Singapore. In addition to his studies, student leadership and work on Global Health Solutions, Shan runs Global Strategy Consulting, supporting clients to bring transformational technologies into emerging markets. Shan previously served as an Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, and worked at the United Nations in the Economic and Social Council. Shan is dedicated to finding and implementing sustainable, economically viable solutions for people, communities and nations around the world that lead to a better quality of life for all.

  • Lamia Bazir

    Lamia Bazir, Empowering Women in the Atlas

    Lamia Bazir is a Moroccan woman who aspires to contribute to the political and economic development of her country. Lamia is currently enrolled in a Master's program in International Development at SciencesPo and Columbia University. She was student Valedictorian at Al Akhawayn University (Morocco), where she earned a Bachelor degree in International Studies -obtained with Summa Cum Laude. Lamia had a double concentration in political science and the Middle East and North Africa Region. She also minored in women studies and is personally engaged in women's empowerment. Lamia speaks four languages: French, English, Arabic and Spanish, and is currently learning Tamazight. Her interest in democratization and public affairs in her country is not new; it has, nonetheless, been substantially sharpened by her involvement in civil society. Furthermore, she has embraced an international approach through her multicultural education and participation in international conferences in Dubai, London, Tunisia, Lithuania, Singapore and the USA. She gained the support of The Resolution Project during her participation in the WMUN 2011. Through her venture “Empowering Women in the Atlas,” she is committed to help the population of a small village of the Middle Atlas to improve their conditions of life, by empowering women- who she calls “the key poverty fighters”. From Paris, Lamia is regularly directing the work of the team who strives to make the project come true.

  • Dheer Bhatnagar

    Dheer Bhatnagar, Indian Monsoons

    Dheer Bhatnagar is 21 years of age and currently studying law at the National Law School of India University in Bangalore, India. He resides in New Delhi, where he completed his school term. Also interesting in Mooting, Model UNs and Sports, Dheer has also worked on multiple projects as part of his social responsibility. Many Indians rely on traditional sources of water for their needs. However, due to depletion of these resources, misuse of water resources and irresponsible use, over a billion Indians are now facing increasing water shortages. Through the grant from the Resolution Project, Dheer's team – also consisting of Surbhi Kuwelkar and Aditya Kumar, has constructed a successful rainwater harvesting pilot model on our University Campus, with two catchment areas and a well, which we wish to expand further to surrounding areas. Through these efforts, the University Administration was convinced that this model could be duplicated and spread to cover the while campus. The Project has received support from the Government’s University Undergraduate Commission, several other local agencies and the University Administration. Over the next few months, new structures will expand the reach of the project to cover most of the University campus, translating into savings of millions of liters of precious rainwater.

  • Dan Cahill

    Dan Cahill, Making the Most of Water

    Dan Cahill is a 2011 alumnus of the United States Coast Guard Academy. He holds a B.S. in Government: International Affairs. An Illinois native, Dan now lives in North Carolina and is assigned as a Deck Watch Officer to Coast Guard Cutter ELM, a 225 foot Seagoing Buoy Tender. He hopes to get involved in the Coast Guard's expanding international role later in his career. Dan is grateful to Betsy Graves and the Resolution community for the opportunity to be part of Making the Most of Water.

  • Maryli Cheng

    Maryli Cheng, Sustainabears

    Maryli Cheng graduated as a Cornelius Vanderbilt full-tuition scholar from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee with a degree in Economics and minors in Biology and Chemistry. Through her campus involvement, she developed a passion for connecting with people across diverse backgrounds and service-learning in order to broaden perspectives. Now, Maryli is excited to work at Deloitte Consulting LLP in the Strategy & Operations practice where she hopes to build a foundation to pursue innovation solutions to global issues. She is also an avid outdoorist, an aspiring world traveler, an entrepreneur, and a passionate dreamer.

  • Bonnie Chiu

    Bonnie Chiu, Lensational

    Bonnie Chiu is finishing her bachelor in Global Business at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduation, she will pursue a Master in International Relations in the London School of Economics. Currently working for Amnesty International, she wishes to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. Her love for international relations has brought her to join WorldMUN 2013, as one of the 20 delegates in the High Level Youth Summit on the Millennium Development Goals. The committee produced a Declaration on the post-2015 development, and it was sent to UN agencies. Effecting positive change in the world, through social entrepreneurship and advocacy, is her goal in life. As a young woman who enjoys many opportunities, she hopes that her fellow women can also enjoy the same opportunities. Through her travel experiences, she has witnessed how women’s voices are muffled due to cultural and religious stigma. She believes that photography can overcome this barrier and empower women emotionally, and economically.

  • Leah Costanzo

    Leah Costanzo, Play Forward

    Leah Costanzo is currently working towards a double degree in Law and Commerce at the University of Adelaide, majoring in management. She has always been passionate about human rights, as exemplified by her involvement in various clubs such as Amnesty International. Whilst being involved in these clubs, she has helped to raise funds and awareness for pressing social issues. Leah is very passionate about the fundamental goal of Play Forward; enhancing the rights of impoverished and disadvantaged children. Whilst living in Cairns in Far North Queensland, she witnessed the inequality and constant degradation of human rights, especially in young aboriginal children. Leah firmly believes that current methods of helping these children are inadequate and need to be improved, by focusing on fun and empowerment. Through being involved in Play Forward, Leah has been able to put into practice the theories she has learned in management and the principles she has learned in law.

  • Sarah Cox

    Sarah Cox, Malaria Awareness Program

    Sarah Cox is originally from San Francisco, CA. She graduated in May 2013 from the University of Miami with a B.S.B.A. in Health Sector Management and Policy, minors in Mathematics and Dance. She was accepted and looks forward to attending Johns Hopkins for a MSPH in International Health: Global Disease Epidemiology and Control in the Fall of 2014 . In this gap year she is working in San Francisco, CA, as well as traveling to South Africa to work on the ground with her Resolution project-- the Malaria Awareness Program (MAP).

  • Pranali Dalvi

    Pranali Dalvi, The Mobile Science Lab

    Pranali Dalvi hails from Thane, Maharashtra, India but came to the United States at the age of 2. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in biology at Duke University. She has always been intrigued by social entrepreneurship because it fosters deep meaningful connections with people locally and internationally. Her interests include medical ethics, science and technology, online and print publishing, politics, and emerging markets. With twin sister and another Resolution Fellow Prachiti Dalvi, Pranali launched The Mobile Science Lab: Toys from Trash, an enterprise to revolutionize how science education is imparted first in Mumbai and eventually around the world. By giving underprivileged children an exciting conceptual foundation of abstract science concepts using toys made from trash and scrap materials (like newspapers and plastic water bottles), her initiative aims to uncover curious scientists from the crevices of Mumbai. In the future, she hopes to work at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, science and technology, and publishing.

  • Prachiti Dalvi

    Prachiti Dalvi, The Mobile Science Lab

    Prachiti Dalvi was born in Thane, Maharashtra, India—a suburb of Mumbai—and grew up in Lakeland, Florida. She fell in love with the world of scientific inquiry early on and is currently pursing a combination of biology, chemistry, and psychology at Duke University. Her interest in science drove her and her twin sister Pranali to co-found the Mobile Science Lab: Toys from Trash, an initiative to make application-based science more accessible and exciting for children living in underprivileged areas in Thane. She hopes to prove to children that science is not a subject of the “elite,” requiring high-tech laboratories and gadgets, but rather that the beauty of science lies in the fact that it surrounds us. Together, Pranali and Prachiti want to use their Resolution Fellowships to infect and change the culture of science education first in India and, eventually, around the world. In the future, Prachiti wants to pursue a career that intertwines her interests in narrative medicine, translational and clinical research, and social entrepreneurship.

  • Melissa Diamond

    Melissa Diamond, A Voice for Autism

    Melissa Diamond is a Boatwright Scholar at the University of Richmond studying Peace and Conflict with minors in Women and Gender Studies and Healthcare and Society. These areas of study come together in her mission to improve the lives of children with autism and their families in underserved regions through A Global Voice for Autism. Melissa developed a passion for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities in eighth grade when she started volunteering for Special Olympics. During her junior year of high school she began volunteering at Hammer Residences, an organization that runs group homes for people with disabilities where she is employed today. Melissa’s interest in learning from those who are different from her is apparent in all areas of her life. She attended a Spanish immersion elementary school and also speaks French, some Hebrew and is learning Turkish and Arabic. In high school she founded a non-partisan group for students to discuss current issues. Today Melissa is active in her school’s debate team and multi-faith student council.

  • Dina Duré

    Dina Duré, Cassava Yucca Factory Bainet

    Dina Duré is from Bainet, Haiti. Come from an agricultural family of ten kids where her parents work hard to raise them well and educated them. When she was 9 years old, she went to Port-au-Prince to study. In 2008, she applied for and received a SEED (Scholarship for the Education Economic Development) scholarship. Unfortunately after the earthquake in 2010, some Haitian students didn’t fulfill their obligations by not returning to Haiti. Scholarships were rescinded, including Dina’s. The next year she reapplied and was accepted to study business management at NTC and began her studies in August of 2011. Currently she is the Vice President of the Business Professionals of America and Secretary of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and was inducted to Phi Theta Kappa in October of 2012. She developed a commitment to action call Cassava Factory - Hope for the Haitian living in Bainet, to create job opportunities and to encourage national production in her country. She is grateful to God, and The Resolution Project for believing this project can change life of the people living in Bainet.

  • Jessica Espinoza

    Jessica Espinoza, UNIDAS

    Jessica holds a double-degree in international business management from an Irish university and German business school. She is a financial analyst in the funding unit of an international banking group providing responsible banking services to small and medium-sized enterprises and ordinary people in transition and developing economies. Prior to her current job, she served as regional technical manager for Africa and Latin America, working with a non-profit organization promoting client protection principles in the microfinance industry. Moreover, Jessica has gained extensive experience collaborating with women’s shelters and grassroots organizations to promote the economic independence of vulnerable women. Jessica speaks English, German and Spanish fluently, and is studying French and Portuguese.

  • Mauro Espinoza

    Mauro Espinoza, UNIDAS

    Mauro is from Latin America and specialized in the fields of market research, branding and web development. With around 10 years of working experience in marketing, he has managed market research projects for a variety of international clients and conducted qualitative and quantitative studies throughout Latin America. He is currently working as community manager for various organizations, developing their corporate websites and managing their social media profiles. Mauro’s passion is community empowerment and the development of creative entrepreneurial solutions. Having collaborated with women’s shelters and community organizations in Latin America and Africa, he has gained first-hand insights into the barriers vulnerable groups of society face in gaining economic independence.

  • Nick Fiore

    Nick Fiore, IT Empowerment

    Nick is co-director of IT Empowerment. He is currently a lecturer at Florida State University where he teaches human rights, international development, and social theory courses. Prior to this he conducted research at the International Criminal Court and recently finished a research project on the social impact of IT for education in Bhutan. Past development fieldwork has taken him to Ghana and Rwanda where he has focused on the education sector, IT and English language training and led teams of volunteers from the organization Global Peace Exchange. Nick is actively involved with Resolution, including serving as a Guide to new Fellows. He holds a BA in International Affairs from Florida State University and an MSc in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics.

  • Victoria Flannery

    Victoria Flannery, Total Sanitation

    Victoria is from Australia and is in her Honours Year of a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland. She has four years of experience leading social initiatives within her state and across the country; including leading one thousand youth ambassadors on the nationwide Make Poverty History Road-trip, competing at many international forums and conferences, as well as managing the state sector of the Live Below the Line Campaign, which raises funds for Asia-Pacific education programs. Her passion lies in international development in light of the creation and the pursuit of a wholly sustainable world. Her work centres around her belief that education, coupled with unity in diversity, are key to alleviating and ultimately transforming the face of humanity. She is thrilled to be a Resolution Fellow and looks forward to making a difference to the lives of those living with poor sanitation due to extreme poverty.

  • Chad Fraga

    Chad Fraga, Tigers Giving Back

    Chad Fraga is from Tracy, CA and is currently attending University of the Pacific majoring in Sociology with minors in Ethnic Studies and International Studies. He is twenty years old and is also very involved on campus. He serves as one of the premier leaders on campus with the Pacific Ambassador program. Additionally, he is currently studying one semester abroad for the Fall 2013 term and is eager to return and began is Resolution Project mentoring at risk youth in the Stockton community, a community that he calls home.

  • Shaan Gandhi

    Shaan Gandhi, Health2Home

    Shaan Gandhi is the Managing Director of Health2Home and is currently pursuing an MD at Harvard Medical School and an MBA at Harvard Business School. A 2010 graduate of the University of Oxford with a PhD in medical oncology and a 2007 graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a BS (honors) in biochemistry and a BA in chemistry, he has conducted fundamental and translational research into the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and immunological conditions at the National Cancer Institute, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic and at Roche Pharmaceuticals. His doctoral research is focused on understanding the role of stem cells in initiating colon cancer and their potential role in devising better diagnostic tests. Beyond bench research, his interests lie in policy analysis and advocacy, particularly with respect to the different challenges facing cost-effective health care services in both the developed and developing worlds - he currently serves in leadership roles within the American Medical Association and the American College of Radiology in addition to his work with Health2Home. After completing his MD and MBA in the spring of 2015, Shaan plans to pursue a career at the intersection of medicine, management and technology in order to improve access to and quality of medical treatment.

  • Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia, Green Garbage

    Carlos Garcia is 22 years old and has lived in Caracas, Venezuela his entire life. Since he was 14 years old, he has been involved in social ventures and projects aiming to improve the quality of education and teaching conditions in the city’s slums and poor towns in Venezuela, an ethic he owes to his Catholic education and to his family. He is currently a senior student of Geodetic Engineering at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and was Secretary General of the Engineering students association in his second year. He has been a member of UCV’s delegation to WorldMUN for three years and Head Delegate since last year. He is also on UCV’s Competitive Debate team, and was chosen to represent the University at the World Debate Championship in December 2010. Since March 2009, Carlos has been working to make Green Garbage a reality in Venezuela. Carlos strongly believes that it is necessary to start making changes in the way people use resources and how it affects the environment. At the same time, he is acutely aware of the need to focus on the political environment to find a viable solution. He says: "I’m sure that Green Garbage is the solution."

  • Daniel Gillick

    Daniel Gillick, Total Sanitation

    Daniel is in his final semester of a Bachelor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the founder and managing director of Total Sanitation. The team has developed a life-cycle solution to combat sanitation and health issues impacting floating communities in Tonle Sap, Cambodia. Daniel has a keen interest in energy and sustainable development. During his degree, Daniel has undertaken various roles in the energy and resource sector and will soon commence a graduate position at a global consulting firm. At university, Daniel has been involved in a range of organizations and initiatives, including directing state and regional level model UN conferences and managing a number of youth-run engineering projects. He looks forward to working with The Resolution Project, to change the practices and improve the livelihoods of communities in Tonle Sap.

  • Betsy Graves

    Betsy Graves, Making the Most of Water

    Betsy L. Graves is a 2011 Graduate of the University of Virginia, where she earned a BA in Foreign Affairs and English Literature (Modern Studies Program). She currently resides in Kenya, where she works with constitutional civic education initiatives through the Caucus for Women’s Leadership and other NGOs in preparation for the 2012 national election. She also remains a field volunteer and advocate for the non-profit organization Sequoia Helping Hands, Friends of the Little Bees, and other local organizations, and plans to pursue a career in international diplomacy. Betsy is grateful to the members of the “Making the Most of Water” venture in the US and Kenya for their help and support, and is excited for the future of the Resolution Project and the opportunities that it provides for global community engagement and innovation.

  • Katie Guidera

    Katie Guidera, Malaria Awareness Program

    Katie Guidera is a senior at Duke University studying Global Mental Health through Duke's Program II major. She is particularly interested in the intersections between global health, social entrepreneurship, and human rights. She is a co-founder of the Malaria Awareness Program, an organization which works in rural HaMakuya, South Africa to create pathways of change through peer-led malaria education and social enterprise initiatives such as a local mosquito bed net business. At Duke, Katie serves as the president of ChangeEducate, a non-profit organization seeking to educate middle- and high-school students about poverty and inspire social entrepreneurship projects around the country through a classroom curriculum. She is also very involved with research at the Duke Global Health Institute, where she focuses on issues including HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, and severe mental illness in Durham and in Cape Town, South Africa. In the future, Katie hopes to continue to work at the intersection public health and social entrepreneurship.

  • Hussein Hassen

    Hussein Hassen, Community Led Total Sanitation

    Hussein Hassen is currently working as a Public Health Professional in Northern Somalia (Somaliland and Puntland). Having studied Public Health and have been working with different International Organizations and United Nations (UN) Agencies in Somalia over the past seven years, Hussein got a unique experience and skills in mobilizing resources for sustainable and community-led activities. He has been involved in the development of various Public Health polices and legislations in Somalia that has broaden his prospect. Hussein has outstanding persuasive, management and leadership skills, which combine his interest in community development and working with for the community through transparency and accountable approaches. He anticipates bringing changes through the community-led total sanitation initiative in Somalia.

  • Sun Hejing

    Sun Hejing, Care for Empty Nesters

    Sun Hejing is in her third year studying in Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Outside of her studies, she is involved in a number of volunteering organizations and societies on campus. She also loves dancing and playing the piano. Her experiences as a volunteer opened her eyes to the aging society. In 2013 she is glad to be the founder of the venture Care for Empty Nesters. She is looking forward to working with the Resolution Project to make the lives of those living alone better. She is so proud of being a Resolution Fellow and is excited to continue the project.

  • Gerald Hodges

    Gerald Hodges, Mentor for Develompment in Liberia

    Gerald Hodges is a Liberian and a student of the Stella Maris Polytechnic. In August 2013, he will be obtaining an Associate of Business Arts in Management and in August 2014, a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Gerald is the founder of Mentor for Development in Liberia, an organization that provides a unique platform for college students to serve as mentors to high school students to help them transition to college with a set career goal; while the college student mentors gain a working experience. Gerald has been working for over a year with PSI, Liberia, a Washington based health organization. Additionally, he is the Vice President for Information Management & Exchange with AIESEC Stella Maris Polytechnic, in Liberia. Gerald has a great passion and love to help youth in his country Liberia; therefore, he wants to become an Educational Social Entrepreneur.

  • Danielle Jessen

    Danielle Jessen, Malaria Awareness Program

    Danielle Jessen recently graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Cellular Biology and Neuroscience. She is interested in continuing MAP because she has a strong interest in advancing MAP after her study abroad experience with Organizational Tropical Studies. Meeting the people of Hamakuya, she wanted to go back to see her family again, and also wanted to help them address their biggest health concern, malaria. Danielle's other interests include playing soccer, hanging out at the Jersey shore, and reading. After working with MAP, she hopes to pursue a career in medical sales.

  • Jim Jin

    Jim Jin, Sustainabears

    A Chinese native, Jim (Depeng) Jin studies Psychology and Economics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. At school, he is heavily involved with Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break, a student organization that sends over 400 students every year to 30 + service sites across America and the world. In 2013, Jim, Shilpa, Maryli and Whitley co-started the project Sustainabears, aiming at reducing polystyrene foam waste and educate the future generation of the importance of environmental sustainability through Teddy Bears. As a part-time artist, Jim enjoys putting up large-scale art installations in unsuspected places.

  • Wang Junsong

    Wang Junsong, Care for Empty Nesters

    Wang Junsong is an 18-year-old student. She is particularly interested in educational and humanity issues such as helping the empty nesters and children in the rural areas. She has been president of a student club called “Hand in hand” since a year ago which aims at assisting children in poor conditions, especially in the poor countryside of China. In the last year, they organized activities including free teaching activities (because tuition is not available for them), psychological examinations and provided food supplies, etc. approximately three times a month and it is continuing. Playing piano is also one of her interests. At the age of 15, she won the tenth level award, which is the highest award for amateur piano player in China. Apart from piano, she also does Chinese folk dance, and is a writer. She has several novels published, most of which are fictional stories about campus. She speaks Chinese, English, Japanese and a little German.

  • Liu Kaini

    Liu Kaini, Care for Empty Nesters

    Liu Kaini is a junior student majoring in psychology in Sun Yat-sen University in China. Her love and care for others comes from her major—psychology. She is focused on education and aging problems in China. Liu has been a volunteer teacher working with peasant-workers’ off-springs who are facing education problems brought on by China’s rapid urbanization. In addition, Liu and her classmates set up a team for care for empty nesters (another vulnerable group) and now she has the intention to build up a wide-impact NGO in order to combine all the force of college students dedicating in empty nesters’ care. Liu believes that so long as you have the passion and strong emotion, you can contribute to the future of the world.

  • Aseya Kakar

    Aseya Kakar, Malindza Sustainable Energy for Peace

    Aseya Kakar is a graduate from United World College of the Atlantic (UWCAC). She is currently a senior at Wartburg College, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and International Relations. Aseya Kakar was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She served as a Vice President in the International Club of Wartburg College, where she helped international students adjust to the new environment and organized social events. She also worked at Allen Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa as an administration intern. She is currently working with CUNA Mutual Group as an consumer operation intern, where she is helping the employees to continuously improve business in order to better service customers. Aseya Kakar learned to provide community service to those in need at a very early age, and she hopes to continue helping people around the world and improve our society in order to create peace.

  • Casimira Karunaratne

    Casimira Karunaratne, GrowLanka

    Casimira Karunaratne (Casi), is a Sri Lankan international student at Harvard studying English and Computer Science. She was born in London and lived in South Africa until the age of 8, when she moved to Sri Lanka. She was a scholar for academic achievement, prefect, and Senior Athletics Captain at her high school. Casi realized her passion for public service when she volunteered at the Sri Lankan Red Cross in 2004 and additionally she was awarded the HelpAge Sri Lanka Certificate of Merit for Social Service and for Special Effort in Raising Funds for raising money to help Sri Lanka’s elderly citizens. During her freshman year at Harvard, Casi actively volunteered at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter (the only student-run homeless shelter in the nation) and the Cambridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Over the summer, she interned at D. L. & F. De Saram Attorney’s at Law, and attended the National Sai Youth Conference hosted in Jaffna, a northern region in Sri Lanka that was inaccessible until Sri Lanka’s 25 year civil war ended three years ago. Her experience volunteering in the villages of Thirunelveli, Kattuwan, Ariyali and Poombuhar reaffirmed her conviction that she could do something to help those living there.

  • Aditya Kumar

    Aditya Kumar, Indian Monsoons

    Aditya Kumar is a 5th year student at National Law School of India University, Bangalore. He has a keen interest in civil laws and plans to pursue the same after college. In his law school career, Aditya has shown an interest in Model United Nations, debating and mooting. His earlier days of schooling were at St. Mary’s Pune and Don Bosco, New Delhi. At school and through college, Aditya has shown an active interest in sports by being a member of the football, basketball and swimming teams. Aditya actively works with the Legal Services Clinic in college. He also established a legal research cell in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand to provide free legal aid, which he hopes will make a difference in the lives of people who normally would not have access to legal counsel. Aditya has a keen interest in contributing to society in a positive manner and is thus grateful to the Resolution Project which has given him a platform to do just that through the Indian Monsoons project which has grown from a nascent idea to a full-fledged reality.

  • Surbhi Kuwelker

    Surbhi Kuwelker, Indian Monsoons

    Surbhi Kuwelker is a law student at National Law School of India University in Bangalore. Originally from Mumbai, Surbhi is acutely aware of the heavy rainfall and flooding on the Indian West Coast which runs off, polluted, while millions in the country suffer chronic water shortages. She is enormously grateful for the opportunity that the Resolution Project has provided her and her team, Dheer Bhatnagar and Aditya Kumar, with help setting up a successful rainwater harvesting system. The pilot project on their university campus has shown tremendous results in its first two years, and they hope to expand with more rainwater capture areas and borewells, to add to the already increasing levels of the water table. Surbhi hopes to remain engaged in giving to the community in the future and, spending her spare time volunteering with many student assistance groups, committees and academic support programs.

  • Joshua Lee

    Joshua Lee, Tech in the World

    Joshua Lee is a student at Harvard University studying computer science. He has worked at Pivotal Labs, a software consulting firm based in San Francisco, where he consulted for VMWare and built a front-end interface for CloudFoundry (VMWare's new Platform as a Service) in Ruby on Rails. At Harvard, he has served as a teaching fellow for "CS50: Introduction to Computer Science" and "CS51: Introduction to Computer Science II."

  • Brandon Liu

    Brandon Liu, Tech in the World

    Brandon Liu is a Computer Science student at Harvard. He has worked on testing infrastructure at Asana, full-stack Rails development at Knewton as an NYC Turing Fellow, and distributed key-value datastores at RapLeaf. He was also Lead Developer for Remindavax, an EMR solution for maternal health in rural India serving over 3500 mothers. At Harvard, Brandon has served as Technical Director at HackHarvard and was a Teaching Fellow for Harvard's undergraduate course in data structures and algorithms. Brandon also provides consulting and IT services to startups and student organizations, and teaches a Skillshare class on technical decision-making for non-technical founders at the Harvard Innovation Lab.

  • Shermin Luo

    Shermin Luo, Global Youth Mentorship Initiative

    Shermin Luo is currently majoring Engineering Management System and minoring Sociology and Psychology at Columbia University. She is also studying certificate fashion program at FIT and hopes to go into fashion industry after she graduates. She has very diverse interests--from street jazz dancing to writing poems, and those interests enable her to come up with the idea of Global Youth Mentorship Initiative, which strives to nurture underprivileged students creativity and general aptitude. She believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to explore his/her potentials and be the best of oneself. She has no doubt that GYMI will give many students such life-changing opportunities and she is grateful for Resolution Project’s support.

  • Terrence Barry McKenna

    Terrence Barry McKenna, Geyser Flicker

    Barry McKenna hails from rural Central California but has connected well with metropolitan Boston, enjoying its engaging diversity of people and ideas during his time studying at Harvard College. Currently, he is a junior concentrating in mechanical engineering. On campus, he is involved with the Engineering Society and with the Harvard chapter of Cru. His Christian faith is an integral part of his life; he believes strongly in being an active volunteer in the community and desire to continue to serve in local ministry wherever life takes him. After graduation, he hopes to begin working for a large industrial firm but with the long-term goal of starting smaller entrepreneurial ventures. His primary interest is in energy-conservation technology, particularly high-efficiency automobiles. The beauty of engineering is that it is about finding the best solution, not the perfect solution. And this is the approach that he thinks the world needs to address its problems. The venture that he is with is not offering the perfect solution, it is offering the best solution, the most economical, easily-implemented solution that will positively impact people’s lives. Barry would like to thank the Resolution Fellowship for the opportunity to do just that.

  • Jacquelin Meremable

    Jacquelin Meremable, Cassava Yucca Factory Bainet

    Jacquelin Meremable is from a small town in Haiti called Gros-morne, and is the second youngest of 9 children. He is the first in his family to finish with high school. After high school his parents could not afford to send him to college. So he applied for a scholarship, and out of 390 applicants was one of 26 scholarships awarded. He was selected to study in the States for two years. He truly believes he can make a difference in his country and is very excited that The Resolution Project opened the door for Dina and him to make a difference for their lovely country of Haiti.

  • Alex Merkovic-Orenstein

    Alex Merkovic-Orenstein, IT Empowerment

    Alex Merkovic-Orenstein is a Truman Scholar and Fulbright Public Policy Fellow. From 2011 to 2012, he was the World Food Programme’s Special Assistant to the Rwandan Ministry of Gender. Previously, he worked for Action Against Hunger in Chad and the MicroLoan Foundation in the UK and Malawi. With Nick Fiore, another Resolution Fellow, he co-founded the Global Peace Exchange, a university organization that facilitates student exchanges to work on international development projects across the world. He completed a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies at Florida State University and an M.S in Development Studies from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies. He likes bad movies and soul music.

  • Shilpa Mokshagundam

    Shilpa Mokshagundam, Sustainabears

    Shilpa Mokshagundam is a rising senior at Vanderbilt University, double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Child Development. Over the past 3 years at Vanderbilt, Shilpa has become increasingly involved with the Nashville community through a myriad of service organizations. Her unique experiences in the food insecure neighborhoods of Nashville have sparked an interest in food insecurity, nutrition and preventative medicine. As she begins her final year at Vanderbilt, Shilpa looks forward to finding ways to merge her interests and create a fulfilling career path that will allow her to become an effective servant-leader. In her spare time, Shilpa loves baking healthy treats, enjoying the outdoors and playing with her dog!

  • Michael Ng

    Michael Ng, Lensational

    Michael Ng is a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in global business studies. Growing up in a well-developed city with intense exposure to developing countries, Michael believes in the magic of photography of bridging the developed and developing world and effecting positive change in the lives of underprivileged women. He interned in a local NGO in Delhi last summer, gaining first-hand experience of social issues faced by India as well as volunteered in school-building projects in Cambodia and Burma. Michael has also gained extensive international exposure, including academic exchange in Copenhagen and North Carolina, participation in international business case competitions, debate tournaments, and a goodwill trip to North Korea. Currently serving as a part-time research analyst at McKinsey, Michael has been honing his business acumen and is passionate about applying business knowledge in social ventures.

  • Linda Samuel Nkosi

    Linda Samuel Nkosi, Malindza Sustainable Energy for Peace

    Linda Nkosi is a Swazi citizen from Manzini, Swaziland. Linda attended Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa in Mbabane, Swaziland, where he attained an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Linda is currently a 4th year student at Wartburg College, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business Administration with a Finance concentration. Linda believes the forward movement of Africa is dependent on the progress of financial services, sectors and overall economic development. Having been introduced to service through Waterford Kamhlaba, Linda is passionate about providing services to those in need, focusing on commitments that address education, poverty alleviation and income equality. Linda has worked as a teaching assistant at Wartburg College for Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses. Linda is currently employed as a College Achievement Program Mentor at Wartburg College, where he provides mentoring to first year students that are adapting to the campus and college life.

  • Whitley O'Connor

    Whitley O'Connor, Sustainabears

    Whitley O'Connor is a rising senior at Vanderbilt University double majoring in Sociology and Human and Organizational Development. He first got involved in social enterprise at the beginning of his sophomore year when he helped develop and launch Teach Twice, a nonprofit book publisher that takes stories from around the world, publishes and sells them on the global market, then returns profits to the countries from which the stories came through educational development projects. After launching Teach Twice's first book, Whitley began developing a street paper- a publication sold by homeless vendors - in Oklahoma City called The Curbside Chronicle. Finally, taking an idea he had had for a couple of years, Whitley helped develop the prototypes for Sustainabears, the social enterprise that allowed Whitley to be selected as a Resolution Fellow at Clinton Global Initiative University. Through programs at Vanderbilt Whitley will be able to work full time on The Curbside Chronicle - set to launch on July 1, 2013 - and Sustainabears until January 2014.

  • Natalie Onyango

    Natalie Onyango, Los Pacho Initiative

    Natalie is an International Economics and Spanish major at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. On campus, the Kenyan native is president of the African Students Union, a senator on the student government and a Swahili teaching assistant. Her academic interests lie in economics (financial & development), international relations and languages. As a social entrepreneur, she is very passionate about the untapped potential of women in developing countries and believes it is the surest way to achieve an all rounded development agenda in these regions. Together with her co-founder Faith Chuma of Brown University, they seek to bridge the development gap witnessed by rural women in Kenya by jointly addressing education, empowerment, food and income through Los Pacho Initiative. She is a change agent at The Network of Women Investing in Africa leadership program and is delighted to engage with the Resolution project. Global music and visual arts are her favorite pastime. Her eyes are set on joining the ranks of policy wonks in the near future.

  • Angelica Ortiz

    Angelica Ortiz, Waste to the Dump

    Angelica Ortiz is from Valencia-Venezuela and she is co-founder of the project Waste to the Dump. Currently she is a sophomore student of International Studies at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Secretary of Outreach of the Students Centre of her School. She was part of the UCV’s delegation to WorldMUN 2011 and is the Head Delegate of this delegation for WorldMUN 2012. Also she is Chair of the Venezuelan Model of United Nations (MOVENU) for second time. She is also on UCV’s Parliamentary Debate team and have participated in more that five national and international championships. Angelica believes in the potential for transformation that relies in each citizen and considers that Waste to the Dump creates agents of change throughout Venezuela because, once you fire up the passion in a community though education and motivation, there is little that you cannot do!

  • Harald Oswin

    Harald Oswin, Geyser Flicker

    Harald Oswin is an Applied Mathematics concentrator at Harvard University who hails from the Kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa. His interests are entrepreneurship, statistics, design, technology, finance and politics. He believes entrepreneurship will be the key turbine for development in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. For that reason, he would love to create socially conscious enterprises to ameliorate the lives of the less well-off. The team plans to develop the Geyser Flicker in order to provide a low cost, context-specific solution for low-middle income homes that are trying to manage their electricity consumption. They aim to use this as a platform to create even more low-cost entrepreneurial breakthroughs for people on the African sub-continent and beyond.

  • Mike Pereira

    Mike Pereira, Pathfinder

    Mike Pereira is currently studying at Washington University in St. Louis. Mike has started the Pathfinder Initiative, an innovative way to benefit the lives of returning veterans and the larger community. The Pathfinder Initiative offers returning veterans the opportunity increase self-awareness, confidence and purpose through a curriculum in natural horsemanship and, upon completion of the program, the opportunity to share their knowledge with at-risk demographics in the area. Mike believes that our returning veterans have tremendous potential as community leaders and models. Having served in Afghanistan and worked in Iraq, Mike understands the challenges of coming home for veterans. Since his return home from Iraq in 2007, Mike has, with the help of strong, supporting community, found how to turn challenge into action by understanding what he learned in his experiences and how to offer that to the greater community through leadership and service. Mike has been recognized by US Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington State) and recent Washington State governor Christine Gregoire for his work with veterans. Mike also served as the director of the Fellowship Program for The Mission Continues where he worked to find hundreds of veterans the opportunity to find purpose in service here at home. Mike is currently on an academic track to complete a PhD in clinical psychology.

  • Brett Perl

    Brett Perl, Building with Bottles

    Brett Perl is a student of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to co-founding Building with Bottles, Brett became involved with STAND, the student-led division of Genocide Intervention Network, as a Regional Outreach Coordinator. This work created an eagerness to have more hands-on experiences, which led to trips to post-Katrina New Orleans to help rebuild, Ghana to aid in malaria prevention, and ultimately Haiti. In Haiti, Brett sought to create a design solution to the problems which he observed, notably an overabundance of trash and a marginalized population of individuals who were disabled. Brett worked with the Afya Foundation, an organization focused on bringing much-needed medical supplies, and therapy services to those disabled during the earthquake, to launch his project. He continues to help the global community while at school by employing furniture makers in Haiti to provide furniture for thousands of people living in IDP camps, impact the local environment and need for sanitation solutions by creating furniture from disposed plastic bottles, and creating a sustainable employment opportunity for people with disabilities. Brett also works with the local Pittsburgh community as a brother of the Penn Theta chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

  • Vanessa Picker

    Vanessa Picker, Play Forward

    Vanessa is nearing the completion of her undergraduate degree at the University of Adelaide, in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is a co founder of Play Forward, an organisation that is using sports as a vehicle to build confidence and self esteem amongst disengaged Australian kids, including Indigenous children. In addition, she is organising the next national conference for AIESEC; the world’s largest student driven organisation and playing State Level Cricket for South Australia. Vanessa recently represented Australia at the Hesselbein Global Leadership Academy in Pittsburgh, where she was selected as 1 of only 50 young leaders to participate in the intensive leadership summit. Most recently, she was selected to represent Play Forward in the 2012 Young Social Pioneers program, run by the Foundation for Young Australians.

  • Ishani Premaratne

    Ishani Premaratne, GrowLanka

    Ishani Premaratne is a Harvard undergraduate studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health and Health Policy. After matriculating at Harvard, Ishani successfully applied to Synergy, a social enterprise incubator which first sparked her interest in social innovation. Now on campus, she works for the Social Innovation Collaborative, is a co-founder of a women’s empowerment blog entitled Seeingitoi, serves on the Harvard College Undergraduate Global Health Forum, and is an alumnus of the Institute of Politics’ Women in Leadership program and the 2012 Cronin Center for Enterprise Business Leadership Program. Additionally, she is a volunteer with the Crimson Care Collaborative, a student-faculty health clinic at Harvard Medical School. This summer she traveled to Tanzania to work on a Quality Assessment Project as an intern with the Association of Private Health Facilities. One quote Ishani often refers to as a source of inspiration is by Anthropologist Arthur Kleinman, who wrote, “we tend to think of dangers and uncertainties as anomalies in the continuum of life, or irruptions of unpredictable forces into a largely predictable world [but] I suggest the contrary…they make life matter. They define what it means to be human.” Ishani’s passion for post-conflict development is the root of her interests in global health, social innovation, and women’s empowerment.

  • Derrius Quarles

    Derrius Quarles, Million Dollar Scholar

    Born and bred on the south-side of Chicago, overcoming obstacles was a skill that groomed Derrius as a youth. Being the first in his family to attend college has provided him motivation academically and professionally. Among his honors, include a multitude of scholarships and grants totaling over $1.1 million dollars. He is a humble recipient of the Gates Millennium, Horatio Alger, Coca-Cola, Dell, Chicago Scholars, Nordstrom, Elks, and Benjamin A. Gilman scholarships. 
Beyond academics he is the founder of Million Dollar Scholar, a for-profit social venture that has assisted high school and college students in gaining over $1,300,000 in scholarships and grants for their education and to reduce debt. In addition he is the author of Million Dollar Scholar: Winning The Scholarship Race, and has had the honor to deliver messages of inspiration to various institutions and organizations both nationally and abroad.

  • Rima-Maria Rahal

    Rima-Maria Rahal, ShareHealth!

    Rima is currently studying at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology with a focus on research in decision making, persuasion and leadership. With a background in social psychology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, Rima plans to further pursue her research interests in international contexts and to apply her findings in hands-on projects. So far, Rima has worked on several social projects such as supporting youth with a migratory background as a volunteer English teacher, and represented the University of Heidelberg at the regional final of the HULT Global Case Challenge in London, UK. She is also actively engaged in various Model United Nations projects, enjoys race cycling and has discovered photography as a passion. Rima is committed to make an impact on children’s lives with the ShareHealth! initiative and enjoys the challenges of taking charge of the organizational aspects of a social venture project.

  • Sahadev Rai

    Sahadev Rai, Yang-Ward Foundation

    As a child, I went to boarding school in National School of Nepal, which brings students from all over Nepal. So I grew up with students who were victims of civil war in Nepal, which lasted for 10 years, costing thousands of innocent lives. Interacting with them and hearing their heart wrenching story, changed my interest in life. I always wanted to do something to make their life better in one or another way. So, hearing about The Resolution Project, I saw this is the right opportunity for my commitment. Now I can go back to Nepal and implement this commitment that I was always dreaming about. With this Venture, I want to bring hope to those people and to the war-affected youths who are frustrated with the lack of opportunities, I want all of them to know there is someone who cares about them and that they can contribute to revenue generating production.

  • Cristina Ramierz

    Cristina Ramierz, Waste to the Dump

    Cristina is originally from Cumana (Sucre) in Venezuela, but is studying since 2009 in Caracas at the Central University of Venezuela, specializing in political Science. From a very early age, Cristina has being interested in social issues being a leader in her high school. She was a member of the delegation of her university on Worldmun Vancouver 2012, for her it was a life changing experience since she realized that anyone can become a major agent of change if they put their mind to it. She also realized the huge influence that people’s behavior plays in a country’s development. Cristina has always has great passion and love for her home land of Venezuela and that has driven all the major decisions of her life, including being a part of the team of Waste to the Dump.

  • Liana Rosenman

    Liana Rosenman, Project HEAL Family Network

    Liana Rosenman is a rising senior at Hofstra University majoring in Education and History. In 2008, after recovering from anorexia nervosa, she co-founded Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live, a 501(c)3 non-profit that raises money for people with eating disorders who cannot afford treatment, promotes healthy body image and self esteem, and inspires people to believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. She has served as the co-executive director of Project HEAL since 2008, helping to raise over $300,000 and send 7 applicants to treatment, and opening over 20 chapters of Project HEAL across the United States, Canada, and Japan. Liana plans to get her masters in special education and work with children with autism. She is so excited and honored to be a Resolution Fellow.

  • Annie Ryu

    Annie Ryu, Global Village Fruits

    Annie Ryu is a prolific social entrepreneur studying Social Anthropology, Global Health and Health Policy at Harvard University. Before founding Global Village Fruits, she served as the Nicaragua field investigator for a multi-country study on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and the Associate Director for the nonprofit Children of the Border, and she co-founded Remindavax, Inc., a text-message reminder program serving over 4,000 mother-child pairs and their community health workers in rural southern India. She is a Global Good Fund Fellow, one of Glamour’s 2012 Top Ten College Women, and a former (’10-’11) honorary Fellow at the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT. She was selected for Phi Beta Kappa, Junior 24, for academic excellence at Harvard.

  • Kristina Saffran

    Kristina Saffran, Project HEAL Family Network

    Kristina Saffran is a rising senior at Harvard concentrating in psychology. In 2008, after recovering from anorexia nervosa, she co-founded Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live, a 501(c)3 non-profit that raises money for people with eating disorders who cannot afford treatment, promotes healthy body image and self esteem, and inspires people to believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. She has served as the co-executive director of Project HEAL since 2008, helping to raise over $300,000 and send 7 applicants to treatment, and opening over 20 chapters of Project HEAL across the United States, Canada, and Japan. Kristina plans to get her PhD in clinical psychology, with hopes of eventually opening her own treatment center for people with eating disorders. She is so excited and honored to be a Resolution Fellow.

  • Molly Simon

    Molly Simon, Malaria Awareness Program

    Molly Simon is a co-founder of The Malaria Awareness Program. Molly is currently working for The Advisory Board Company, a global health care strategic services firm in Washington DC. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington University in Saint Louis in 2013 with a B.A. in Anthropology. Molly was a teaching assistant for Introduction to Public Health, a part of the Lambda Alpha national anthropology honorary and Sigma Xi national honorary for scientific research, and an active member of GlobeMed, a student group which promotes health as a human right on campus as well as partners with an NGO in Uganda focusing on local health. While studying in Australia during her junior year, Molly interned with an organization aimed to eradicate scabies from aboriginal Australia. After receiving various grants and funding, Molly and her co-founders spent the summer in South Africa developing the Malaria Awareness Program, a project that seeks to raise awareness and decrease incidence of malaria through interactive educational outreaches.

  • Chazz Sims

    Chazz Sims, CrowdSOS

    In June of 2013 Chazz Sims received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He is now a Masters of Engineering candidate in Computer Science at MIT. Throughout his undergraduate career, Chazz worked with a variety of startups in areas such as healthcare, entertainment, even the restaurant industry in Argentina, most often as the sole iOS Developer. After a summer working at Goldman Sachs, Chazz found that he was most passionate about startups and spent the next year as a CODE2040 fellow, working at Rockmelt. Recently, Chazz worked with two other developers to build a game for MIT’s first iOS Games Competition and won a sponsor’s award from Electronic Arts. As one of the founders of crowdSOS, a system developed to encourage safe, open, and secure environments through crime reporting, Chazz now spends most of his time building the platform and volunteering with the on campus ministry Cru.

  • Rita Sleiman

    Rita Sleiman, Waste to the Dump

    Rita Sleiman is from Caracas-Venezuela and she is a co-founder of the project Waste to the Dump. Currently is a senior year student of Mathematics at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). She has been assistant teacher for 3 years. She is the former president of the student centre, and now is the student counselor of the school of Mathematics. She is part of the UCV’s delegation to WorldMUN 2012 and she is also on UCV’s Parliamentary Debate team, there, she participated in the World Debate Championship in Spanish. Rita believes in helping people, not solving their problems but instead teaching them how to be able to solve them, she believes that Waste to the Dump is necessary to provide the communities in Venezuela the tools to solve, not only the mismanagement of wastes and their consequences, but every situation that they could face.

  • Greta Solinap

    Greta Solinap, Global Village Fruits

    Greta Solinap is currently an undergraduate senior at Harvard College, pursuing a degree in History and Science, with a minor in Neurobiology. As part of the Global Village Fruits team, Greta is thrilled to be working together with the Resolution Project to fulfill it’s mission in bringing healthy, delicious Indian jackfruit products to American consumers. Greta’s interest in agricultural development began when she was a young child growing up in two different countries, the Philippines and America. In the Philippines, she was raised in a city that depends on rural farming for its livelihood. In America, her hometown of Nogales is the largest hub for international agricultural trade in Arizona. These experiences have cultivated her passion in building an innovative and sustainable model of agricultural development in rural areas to improve the lives of both farmers and consumers.

  • Daniel Sopdie

    Daniel Sopdie, Malindza Sustainable Energy for Peace

    Daniel Sopdie is a Cameroonian, United World College (UWC) graduate, currently a third year Economics, Political Science and International Relations student at Wartburg College. Daniel is the current CGI U Campus Representative at Wartburg College where he promotes CGI U’s activities. Daniel also volunteered at CGI America 2012 as a member of the Access and Directional team. He assists UWC International Office coordinate and promote its activities through conferences organized in Africa. At Wartburg College Daniel is the President of the International students’ body, the largest on-campus organization promoting cultural diversity and integrity. He is also a Resident Assistant working with Student-Life to facilitate students’ integration on-campus. Previously, he volunteered at Youlbury Scout Center in the United Kingdom as a team leader involved in Risk Assessment, Problem Solving and Duty of Care leadership for the summer camp. Daniel also volunteered at the Malindza refugee Camp in Swaziland, helping children and adults through cooking and recreational activities.

  • Taylor Strosnider

    Taylor Strosnider, Empowering Women in the Atlas

    Taylor is a recent graduate of The George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During his time at GW, Taylor was involved in over eight different student organizations including GW’s Model UN Delegation. In spring of his Junior year, he studied abroad at the prestigious Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris where he began his love for International Affairs and Humanitarian Relief. Taylor’s undergraduate career consists of serving as an intern for his U.S. Senator, working for a premier lobbying firm on K Street, and traveling as a Coordinating Production Manager for a multi-million dollar production company based in Houston, Texas. Taylor has obtained a passion for commercial aviation from his extensive travel for work and education. A current student at the Michigan State University College of Law, Taylor hopes to one day enter the legal field as a JAG officer in the U.S. Army.

  • Zlatko Tadic

    Zlatko Tadic, ShareHealth!

    Zlatko returned to Heidelberg, Germany from the US where he studied as an FGAC scholar for the 2011-2012 academic year at the University of Texas at Austin and McCombs School of Business. Zlatko is currently writing his Bachelor's thesis at the Centre for European Economic Research. He is the co-founder of ShareHealth!, which aims to improve the dental hygiene of Ukrainian and Ecuadorian children, and he is dedicated and committed to improving the dental hygiene of children in different regions around the world. He is proud to be a Resolution Fellow and is excited to continue this project.

  • Ashley Tritt

    Ashley Tritt, Project HEAL Family Network

    Ashley Tritt is currently studying Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University with the hopes of one day studying medicine or pursuing a career in the medical field. Having overcome a severe eating disorder which began at the age of sixteen, Ashley’s interest in advocating and public speaking began after founding the first international chapter of Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live, a not-for-profit organization that raises money to provide treatment scholarships for individuals affected by an eating disorder. Knowing that the path towards self-acceptance is not always easy, Ashley has devoted her life towards helping others. Ashley’s hope is to be able to reach a wide spectrum of individuals struggling with any and all issues regarding self-acceptance and self-esteem. She is proud and honoured to be a Resolution fellow.

  • Jose Saul Vasquez

    Jose Saul Vasquez, Sharing Joy

    Jose Saul Vasquez is from Osicala, El Salvador. He grew up working in order to pay expenses for elementary school. He attended high school with a scholarship and discovered his leadership abilities. His dreams were big, but the resources were not enough. He didn’t give up, and after hard work, he was awarded a scholarship to study business management at Northcentral Technical College, Wausau Wisconsin. He came to the USA without knowing English; and now has the ability to communicate. His leadership skills have improved with his involvement at school, organizations, and volunteering. He graduated with honors, achieving a 3.7 GPA. Graduating member of Phi Theta Kappa chapter for which he served as Vice- President of leadership. He is honored to develop a project named Sharing Joy in memory of his sister to provide mobility equipment and access to health care for the disabled youth in his hometown.

  • Shubei Wang

    Shubei Wang, ShareHealth!

    Shubei is working as a doctor in the department of pediatrics and enjoys it thoroughly. Growing up in both Singapore and China, as well as studying in Germany has offered Shubei the unique opportunity to experience different cultures as well as political, economic and social systems. Her involvement in a social project organized by the Singaporean authorities in conjunction with the United Nations Development Program in the Maldives has further broadened her horizons. ShareHealth! combines her interest in social work and her love for working with children. She is proud to be a Resolution Fellow and hopes to make a difference through the ShareHealth! Initiative.

  • Christine Wang

    Christine Wang, Global Youth Mentorship Initiative

    Christine Wang is currently studying Neuroscience & Behavior and Hispanic Studies at Columbia University and hopes to one day become a doctor. Since middle school, she has always been dedicated to nonprofit and volunteer work--anything from helping out at soup kitchens to patient advocacy at hospital clinics. This passion has helped fuel her motivation for Global Youth Mentorship Initiative which seeks to mentor underprivileged students and develop their practical, creative skills through technology and arts. Christine firmly believes that anyone can make a difference and is excited that Resolution Project is supporting the process!

  • Lidan Zhang

    Lidan Zhang, Care for the Disabled Children from ABC

    Lidan Zhang is a student at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in China. She is very involved in numerous volunteer activities, especially with initiatives focused on enhancing the lives of deaf children. She is co-founder of Care for the Disabled Children from ABC, drawing on her rich volunteer experiences with disabled children to develop and lead the Venture.

  • Shangsi Zhou

    Shangsi Zhou, Care for the Disabled Children from ABC

    Shangsi Zhou is an English Translation student studying at Shan Dong University in China. She is involved in a number of activities at her university, including serving as Vice Minister of the school’s Youth Volunteer Association, leading a neighborhood outreach program, and participating in a summer teaching project. Her experiences as a volunteer at a rehabilitation center for disabled children inspired her to create Care for the Disabled Children from ABC, which aims to break down misconceptions and educate others about people living with disabilities.